Worried? Accept it and then move on.

It’s Monday! I had a wonderful and glorious long weekend where I didn’t have to think about reality, and could just enjoy the many wonderful moments that happened throughout, including the photo above which was my view while I laid on a beach and stared at the wide and expansive sky and felt super good. So now it’s Monday and reality hits and I start to worry and fret over all those things that I kept at bay for the last few days. But what’s the point of worrying? Half the time, the stuff I worry about never happens and I end up spending all this time lost in my head instead of being in the moment. It’s OK to be worried, I accept it, I’ll let myself feel the stress and heart palpitations that go with it, but I don’t let it stick around. It’s a feeling and like all the other ones, from sadness to happiness, it passes and moves on.

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