Starting the morning off right

I’m not necessarily the greatest morning person. When I first wake up, I’m not grumpy or moody, but I’m pretty quiet as I try to move from sleepy Bev to awake Bev. But I’ve found the best thing that has worked for me, is to get up at least 1.5 hours before I need to leave the house to give myself time to prepare for the morning. I’m pretty low maintenance so getting ready and dressed in the morning does not take up a lot of my morning time. What I really enjoy is taking my time with my morning coffee and breakfast. I love being able to sit and just contemplate the morning and the day ahead. Sometimes I’ll watch a little TV but halfway just tune out, other times I might listen to a podcast and other times I might just sit and focus on my drinking and eating.


This morning, we had some people working in the house, and so the dog was going crazy and barking like mad, so I had to get him and me out. We found this wonderful little coffee place called Honolulu Coffee House where I grabbed a bite to eat and a really great tasting cup of coffee. My dog Gizmo doesn’t like sitting on the ground and prefers to be in a lap, so I had to put him in my lap to keep him happy. Which did not allow me do anything but carefully focus on eating my food and drinking my coffee without spilling it on him.


What was so nice about it was that I wasn’t in a rush, and I had nothing to distract me and I could just enjoy the moment and it felt so nice. I think these are the best ways to start the morning off. I feel ready to face the day’s challenges now…

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