How to be supportive of a friend in a relationship you’re not a fan of…

A friend of mine is currently going through a relationship conundrum in which she’s holding onto a relationship that isn’t serving her well. By which I mean, she’s giving quite a lot of herself, while her partner yarns a story about all the things he wants to give her, but when it comes down to actually doing it, it’s like a ghost town (don’t get me started on this type of partner). From the outside, it’s so easy to look at another’s relationship and see the down sides and tell that person, “you need to get it”. I’ve definitely been on the receiving end of that advice a few times before. All I can say is that deep down, even though you know he/she is not the right person for you, and is basically draining the energy you have to give, sometimes, you’re just not ready to say good bye right then and there. And that’s ok.

Hopefully, it will all happen in due time, as it eventually did in my cases. Unfortunately they went a bit longer than I wanted, but hey, at least I learned a lot from those guys. So, if you do have a friend who is going through a questionable romance, I’d say that you can be honest to your friend about what you see. Depending on your friend, that could be totally blunt and to the point statements, or a few gentle nudges.  Either way, it’s important to let them know that you support them (not the relationship) and that you will stand by them and help them when they need it. In reality, your friend knows it’s time to call it quits, but just isn’t ready yet to actually complete the transaction. So let them do it on their own terms and just be there for them when it eventually happens.

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