Best Tubing Mascara brands to try in 2016

Finding a good mascara for me is definitely like finding a needle in a haystack. For someone who has dry skin in many areas, my lids and under eye are not so afflicted, but falls on the other end of the spectrum – oiliness – which prohibits me from being able to be carefree and experimental with my makeup. Which means I try to make well informed and educated decisions when it comes to buying and wearing mascara.

Unfortunately for me, I have made many incorrect choices, which resulted in looking like I was constantly tired due to the never ending dark smudges under my eyes. I actually resorted to wearing clear mascara just so I could get away from the smudge and thought I would be relegated to having sparse, limpy lashes forever.

But then I discovered tubing mascara and it literally changed my world (in terms of mascara). I can’t go back to regular mascara anymore, I’ve finally found the “needle”.

So let me give you a quick run down of the difference between regular and tubing mascara before I get to the top brands you need to try.

Regular mascara (oil based) and its origin

Regular mascara uses an oil base and goes on creamier than tubing mascara. It basically paints and coats the lashes. It kind of got it’s real start in 1913 when a man named T. L. Williams created a formula using ash and petroleum jelly for his sister Mabel and from there it took off.

Tubing Mascara (polymer based) and its origin

As you can see, mascara has been around for quite some time and has been used by women the world over for decades. Now introducing tubing mascara, which has only been around for more or less than 15 years and is just starting to gain traction. It began in Japan and now is gaining popularity worldwide. Tubing mascara is not oil based, but rather polymer based and it goes on wet and dries quickly. Now here comes the fun part, tubing mascara actually creates a tube around your lash, hence the name. Why is this tube important? Well, it creates a sort of protective shield for your lashes so that many of the pesky and annoying things that occur with regular mascara is avoided.

What makes tubing mascara so good?

  • Because it’s not oil based, if it gets onto your skin, it won’t be absorbed into the skin which often happens with regular mascara (hence the racoon eyes)
  • It flakes off, so if it does get on your skin, you can easily brush it off
  • You can touch your eye lashes all you want and the mascara stays put (see below for how you actually remove it)
  • It truly is sweat proof (I’ve ran 5km with sweat dripping down my face and the mascara stayed as flawless as when it was first applied)
  • It comes out easily by massaging your lashes gently with your fingertips and warm water (hurray for simplicity and ease)
  • Crying won’t ruin it – unless of course, you start gently massaging your eyes while crying (see point above)

Best Tubing Mascara brands to try


#1 Blinc Mascara


#2 Amaterasu Ultra Volume Mascara


#3  Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Mascara

#4 Clinique Lash Power Mascara


#5 Bobbie Brown Intensifying Mascara


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