Hi, my name is Bev.

I started this blog for me, to get my creative muscles working again. I think I’ve lost that creative passion and drive that used to be a constant in my life and I’ve read that doing something creative, i.e. writing, singing, painting,dancing etc. can get you back into that head space. So writing it is 🙂

The things I post are basically the running dialogue that kind of goes through my head. I’m very self reflective and am always thinking about what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and analyzing the heck out of it. And what better way to express it then through a public forum! 🙂

I have a marketing/communications background and am also a teacher, so I thought this was also a great place to share my teaching ideas and things I’ve created for the classroom over the years.

Soooooooo really, it’s basically a mish mash of everything… kind of like how I like to live my life. 🙂

I hope you enjoy.