A lesson on reading instructions carefully

I think it’s an important lesson to learn how to carefully read and follow instructions before attempting to complete them. I’ve always held this belief, although sometimes I follow this rule and sometimes I don’t. For some reason, I have this extremely vivid memory way back in Grade 4 when our teacher gave us this assignment where we had to read a set of instructions and follow them. Well, it sent the class in a tizzy as everyone raced to be the first to get it done. I remember a lot of chaos happening while we were doing it and in the corner of my eye, I saw our teacher standing there, calmly and silently watching us.


As we hurriedly completed the assignment, we eventually got to the last instruction and realized that had we read the instructions all the way through first before starting, we would have finished way earlier (I think only 1 student actually followed the instructions correctly).


I really liked that lesson and have kept it with me into adulthood. Sometimes I still rush through things and don’t do all the research first before implementing something which I always pay for somehow or another. I think this activity is a good reminder for us to slow down and take our time. At least that’s what it was for me. I always need a good reminder every now and then.


I found this Follow the directions activity (I can’t remember where) and I thought it would be a great activity to use in class to illustrate the importance of taking your time and reading instructions fully before starting.

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